MT900 TA Tender

Tender in field

Solve your bulk delivery problems.

NEW 50° Side Slope Top Unloading 270° Swivel Auger

No more driving around to get in the right position. The swivel auger will come to you, making it more convenient to unload wherever you might be.

Fastest, Easiest Clean out Ever

Use as a pit-dump unit unloading through the large clean out doors located under each hopper. The 50° side slopes make for faster and easier cleanout. You can add extra compartments: each with a separate shut off gate to eliminate that extra trip with a short load.

Tender Design

The truss support structure of the MT900TA flexs with the truck frame. There are no rigid gussets to weaken or crack from constant use over rough roads and driving through ditches.




  • Struck Capacity : 900 cubic feet
  • Body Size : 304 Stainless steel – 6 compartments
  • Unload Rate : 4500 lbs./minute –  50° slope sides – 270° swivel top unloading auger
  • Engine Options : Diesel or Gas
  • Trailer or Truck Options Available

Additional Size Available : If you need a smaller version, the MT600 comes with the same quality but only 4 compartments with a 600 cubic foot capacity.